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A power unit consists of a reservoir, pump, valves and an electric motor. It is the heart of every machine and must be regularly monitored. Is the filter still clean, is the oil at the right temperature, is the level in the reservoir within the range? Built-in sensors will monitor these parameters and notify abnormalities as soon as they occur. We perform extensive tests on the power units. Most problems can be prevented by correct maintenance. A machine not in operation costs money.

The power unit is fully customized to your needs and circumstances. Is it a warm, dusty or explosive environment? These and more are topics we always check with you before we start developing the power unit. The installation space for the unit is also measured carefully. Good preparation is the foundation for a successful product.

Mobile or stationary versions, air compensation membranes, built-up water/air oil cooler, level- and temperature switch or combined sensor; at your request, we design, fabricate and test your power unit. 

  • Designed and built by us, or to customer specifications
  • All manufactures pumps/valves and motors available
  • Manifolds are developed by us and fabricated, allowing a compact design
  • Mobile and stationary versions
  • Versions with air compensation membranes for the benefit of biodegradable oil (preventing humidity)
  • Possible with built-up water/air oil cooler
  • Level- and temperature switch or combined sensor
  • Reservoirs in all possible dimensions and designs made of steel or stainless steel
  • Electric motor or diesel engine driven
  • Compactunits 12/24VDC or 400V-50/60Hz