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Just like muscles, cylinders must be strong and flexible, and must hold for a lifetime. Those are essential conditions. We develop, produce and assemble cylinders for a wide range of applications. Examples are standard (ISO) cylinders, cylinders including valves, cylinders with displacement measurement system, cylinders with integrated pump and electric motor and many more. No request is too extreme. For each question, the circumstances are assessed in detail. Is the cylinder intended for use in a challenging environment such as the offshore and marine industry? We offer a variety of solutions including stainless steel or specialized coatings to prevent salt corrosion. Do you need the cylinder to work at high temperatures? Then we apply special seals. We have a solution for every issue.

We are specialized in custom made products. We produce unique products or small series. Each design is stored in our database so we can easily reproduce previously designed cylinders.

  • Development, production and assembly
  • Dimensions and working pressure customer specified
  • Standard program 160/250/400 Bar operating pressure
  • Very low stick-slip effect
  • High temperature version possible
  • Upon request equipped with built-in security/function components
  • ISO-Norm cylinders
  • Stainless steel version
  • Available with displacement measurement system (a.o.t. MTSTemposonics, Balluff)
  • Seals corresponding to Trelleborg Sealing Solutions (Busak+Shamban)
  • To be used for continual use
  • Materials upon request with certificate